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Riverivew Area FFA Alumni
What is an Alumni?
An alumni is a group of supporters for our FFA members.  You do not need to be a former member of the FFA to be a part of the Alumni.  It is run like a booster club to help raise funds, chaperone, offer assistance and a part of the kids' success.

How do I join the FFA Alumni?
Attend the monthly meetings (held at the same time the FFA night meetings are held) and pay annual dues of $10 or become a lifetime member and a one-time fee of $100.

How can I help?
First, join the Alumni and get involved.  Parents tend to be less involved in their child's life the older they get.  This is the time when you need to be the most involved.

Second, if you have a special talent and could help the advisors train a CDE team, we would love to have your help.

Third, be a chaperone for events.  There is a volunteer form to complete to be a chaperone.  If you are able to help with overnight trips, you will be required to be fingerprinted and have a background check.

Need more information about the Riverview High School FFA Alumni - Contact Mr. Hamilton or Mrs. Hamilton
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