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Officer/Chair Positions and Responsibilities

President - Jessica Kleist
  • Conduct meetings
  • Review meeting agenda items with the Secretary
  • Serve as ex-officio chairman for all committees
  • Serve as official contact for the Alumni
  • Serve as liaison between the Advisor and the Alumni
  • Represent affiliate on official business
  • Follow the constitution, bylaws and other standing rules
  • Make sure that other officers fulfill their duties and responsibilities
  • Be a spokesperson for the organization
  • Stay up-to-date with State and National activities
Vice President - Tina Byrnes
  • Conduct meetings in the absence of the President
  • Serve as the membership chairman, if needed
  • Oversee the award application completion process, if needed
  • Learn President's responsibilities and duties
  • Secure nominations for the next year's officer team
Secretary - Michelle Dunn
  • Take minutes of the meeting
  • Prepare agenda with the President
  • Send newsletters and mailings to the members
  • Maintain official records including the constitution and bylaws
  • Keep record of all correspondence, mailings and documents
  • Work with Treasurer to fill out rosters
  • Send thank you's and other greetings to members
  • Work with members to complete the scrapbook and award applications
Treasurer - Rita Pappas
  • Maintain financial records of the affiliate
  • Pay bills and deposit income
  • Provide financial reports to the Alumni members
  • Responsible for completing any tax form obligations and other fees ,permits or licenses
  • Work with Secretary to complete rosters and send in dues
Chairs - positions are assigned by officer team

Plants and Pork Butt Fundraiser - Colleen Kleist
  • Coordinate pork fundraiser throughout year
  • Assist all officers or chairs in fundraising
Flywheeler Tractor Restoration
  • Coordinate tractor pulls in November, January, February
  • Assist with sponsors and locating materials
Community Service
  • Coordinate Trick or Treat Street, Relay for Life, Agventure, Can Drive, Christmas gifts for needy families
Event Organizer
  • Organize Thanksgiving dinner, banquet, and any campus based functions
  • Assist Community Service Chair