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What is an SAE?
An SAE is a Supervised Agricultural Experience Program.  This is the project the students have as an FFA member.  It could be showing/raising an animal or plants for the fairs, having a job related to agriculture, researching a career, doing an agriscience fair project and much more.

Why does my child need to do an SAE?
As part of the degree ladder, students are encouraged to have an SAE to earn awards and recognition for their efforts.  Students also complete Proficiency Award applications on their SAE to be recognized at the state and national level.

Benefits of an SAE
  • provides great opportunities for students
  • learn new skills
  • student driven
Examples of SAE's
  • grow a garden
  • take care of fishtanks
  • livestock
  • poultry
  • greenhouse
  • egg sales
  • breeder
  • environmental