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Updated: 2/10/20
Senior Graduating Class of 2020!
This is it. This is your year! You are less than a semester away from graduating and moving on to the “real world”.  We don’t want you to miss out on any of the important information you need over the next few months to participate fully in your LAST few months of High School. This info will cover most of it and please be advised that the dates are always subject to change because that’s how the world works!
GRADBASH ORLANDO will take place on Friday, APRIL 17th
We will leave school in buses around 4 pm and return to school around 4 am on Saturday April 18th. Please have transportation home from school that morning. The cost for gradbash is $135 and can be paid online. Permission slips will be handed out beginning in late February. You may NOT bring a guest, as the event is only open to high school seniors from specific schools specific evenings.
More information will become available about gradbash soon. The price includes transportation to and from Riverview high school and admission to the event.
PROM and GRADBASH TICKETS on sale now:
Prom tickets are available now online. You must go to and sign in with your student number. You then will create a username and a password. You will be taken to a page and you’ll scroll down to where it says “Senior year” and click. Two boxes should appear to pay for either PROM or GRADBASH. You can pay for both or either. You may only buy one prom ticket at a time.
PROM is at the REGENT venue on MARCH 28th from 7-11 PM
Prom Guests: If you are bringing a guest to Riverview prom, you MUST have a guest application APPROVED BEFORE buying their ticket. The name on the ID MUST match the name on the application that we have for prom night. If you have turned in an application, you will know if you’re approved when you receive an email from Ms. Johnson. If you are an early grad, you MUST bring a money order to Ms. Quan in the front office to purchase tickets.
Gowns for Girls:
Gowns for Girls is a nonprofit organization which povides prom and homecoming dresses to high school girls in Eastern Hillsoborugh County for their school dances. We are a non profit that relies heavily on donations and volunteers.  The next distribution date is February 22, 2020 from 10am to 2pm at Center Point Social Hall at 1801 Miller Road, located at the corner of Durant and Miller Roads.  If you need more information, contact
Important Graduation Info:
Graduation is on Tuesday, May 26th at 4 pm at the Florida state fairgrounds. You must arrive no later than 3 pm.
Graduation fee includes:
Cap, gown, Tassel, medallion, and diploma cover. You will get a cord IF you have met the requirements for the clubs/organizations giving them. Herf Jones is in charge of these fees and products!  
More Cap and gown info at
Graduation Rehearsal:
Rehearsal is on May 13th, 2020 In the Riverview High School Cafeteria. This is MANDATORY if you are walking and attendance will be taken during your first period class. Absence will also count against your exam exemption.
What to wear and how to act:
Men: Dress shirt, tie, dress pants –no jeans
Ladies: Dresses shorter than your gown or dress slacks and blouse- no jeans
Shoes: No flip flops, slides, sneakers, or heels so tall you can’t walk comfortably.
Cap and Gown: clean, smooth, no alterations. If you write on it or do weird stuff to it, you won’t be allowed to walk at the ceremony.
BE RESPECTFUL. Obviously. You are representing yourself, your parents and Riverview High School. Make us proud.
More important dates:
  • Prom tickets $65 Jan. 23rd- Feb 14th
  • Gradbash tickets on sale Jan. 25th - $135 (permission slips will be available late Feb)
  • Prom tickets $70 Feb. 15th – March 1st
  • Prom tickets $75 in the month of March
  • Spring break Mar. 16-20
  • PROM at the regent March 28
  • Gradbash Orlando April 17
  • Last day of school for seniors May 13
  • Senior Slideshow May 13
  • Graduation rehearsal May 13
  • Graduation ceremony at fairgrounds May 26