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2020-2021 Summer/Pre-Course Assignments
The following Summer Assignments are for students entering the respective course.  (For example, if you are going into 9th Grade English, you would complete the 9th Grade English Summer Assignment).


Please note: Files are either a Word Document or PowerPoint Document. They will likely download and need to be opened from the bottom left corner of the user's screen.
Every level is resposible for following the Khan Academy Linkage instructions as part of their summer assignment requirements.
9th Grade English (English I)
Freshmen Summer Assignment.pptx
10th Grade English (English II)
2020-2021 Sophomore English Summer Assignment.docx
11th Grade English (English III)
2020-2021 Junior English Summer Assignment.docx
AP Language and Composition (AP Lang)
2020-2021 AP Language Summer Assignment.pdf
12th Grade English (English 4 and Honors English 4)
2020-2021 Senior English Summer Assignment.docx
AP Literature and Composition (AP Lit)
2020-2021 AP Literature Summer Assignment.docx

Social Studies
APUSH (Advanced Placement United States History)
APUSH 2020 Summer Assignment.docx
AP Human Geography
AP Human Geography Book Flyer.docx
AP Government
Are you taking AP Government Flyer.docx